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Hi, I’m Jessica, a registered dietitian working in private practice as well as online. I am very passionate about helping people achieve their goals which is why I entered the field of nutrition. I have a holistic view on wellness and believe that good health is achieved through our mental, physical and social state, which is why it is so important not to just change what we eat, but to also change the way we think about food. These principles are what my nutrition foundation is built on, as I aim to assist people in meeting the health and body goals they have always aimed for, in a way that is easy, sustainable and enjoyable as well.

I have created Dietitians Diaries to bring you everything nutrition related that you will need into one space, including the latest scientific-based nutritional breakthroughs, recipes, meal plans that actually show results, professional diet tips and advice and much more. There are so many people in world that preach nutrition these days with no qualifications in the field, which is why we are often lead to believe the things we hear even if they are false and can have detrimental effects to our health. I want this website to become your Diary to refer to with all your food and health related questions, knowing that the information you get is coming from the best possible source. 

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William Taylor

Lost 16kg and 18cm around the waist in 9 weeks ON OPTIFAST VLCD PROGRAM

Marcelle Smith

Lost 9kg and 3cm around the waist in 3 weeks on the OPTIFAST VLCD program

~~Balanced eating refers to including a variety of food groups, in the correct portion sizes, at all meals.~~🍉🥦

It's no secret our bodies need different nutrients, vitamins and minerals from all the different food groups💎🛡️, which is why cutting out a food group can deprive our bodies of what they need to function and be healthy.🚫🍞🙈


Our meals should be balanced like this plate above👆🍽️ where each segment represents the correct portion size per meal of the food group:

🍅🥬- fruit/vegetables: 1 cup

🥩🐟- protein: 30g

🥖🍙- grains: 1/2 cup

🥛🧀- dairy: 1 cup

🥑🌰- healthy fats:1 tsp

WANT TO KNOW HOW TO BALANCE YOUR MEALS?? Learn about correct portion sizes and foods groups to eat at each meal, from a registered dietitian


Nutrition is constantly evolving and new research is always coming out, however we don't always know what to trust and how to identify false information since there is a lot of conflicting theories. I am here to bring you the latest scientific evidence on nutrition and bust the most common nutrition myths to make your food choices much easier for you.