Online Consultations



Initial Online Consultations are priced at R500 and comprises of a 45 minute zoom consultation with a full nutritional assessment, diet tips and advice, a customized meal and exercise plan based on your results as well as 4 weeks of ongoing support and weigh-ins from a dietitian.


Please enter your name and email address below so that we can schedule a consultation and get you started on the right path.


I provide nutritional assistance for the following:


- Eating to strengthen your immune system

- Paediatrics

- Eating disorders

- Sports nutrition

- Weight Loss

- Elderly

- Post-surgery

- Difficulties eating or swallowing

- Cancer

- Kidney disease

- Liver disease

- Diabetes

- Hypertension & heart disease

- IBS & other gut conditions

- Auto-immune diseases

- Intuitive eating

- Feeding through a tube